Thailand is among the 50 largest countries in the world. Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is the only country in the region that was not colonized by Europeans. Living in Thailand can be inexpensive, but requires the appropriate documents. Tourists who extend their stay in the country and those who travel to Thailand to work can rent housing and dine on a variety of cuisines. While English is spoken in Thailand, learning to speak Thai will help you to smoothly transition into a life among the people of  "The Land of Smiles."

         The cost of living in Thailand as in other countries is determined at the base level by the area in which you reside. If you were to rent an expensive condo in the center of Bangkok, and to eat in western style restaurants every day, then it is unlikely that you would find the cost of living all that much cheaper. However, in other areas, especially the more rural areas that have yet to see any amount of tourism, the cost of living can be incredibly cheap.