Apply for a passport if you do not have one.    A passport is a form of identification that verifies your citizenship in a country and allows you to travel to other countries.

            Check to see if you need a visa for entry into Thailand. This is required for visitors from some countries. A visa is a document that authorizes a non-citizen to enter a country. Visas are time limited and for a specific purpose. For example, a work visa may allow a non-citizen to work in Thailand for a specific length of time. U.S. citizens can enter Thailand without a visa, but must have a valid passport. You will be allowed to stay in Thailand with only a passport for 30 days if you entered the country by air and 15 days if you entered from a bordering country. Your time in Thailand can be extended for up to 90 days in a 6 month period. After the 90 day period, you must apply for a visa to remain in the country.

       A work permit is given to to non Thai  (foreign) employees in order to be able to work legally in Thailand. This is also issued to employers to legally operate a business in Thailand.

       In order to obtain a work permit, all foreigners need to secure a non-immigrant “B” visa first at the Royal Thai Embassy from their home country or country of permanent residence.

This has two purpose:

  1. It serves as a prerequisite to obtaining a work permit
  2. You need this visa in order to enter Thailand. Once this is granted, you are ready to fly to Thailand.

Upon arrival to Thailand, you have to file an application for Work Permit at the Ministry of Labor. Apart from the application form, you would be needing civil documents and company documents. The corporate documents will be provided to you by your prospective employer.