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       Thailand, with its arable land and seasonal weather, abounds with locally grown, fresh food which makes food preparation easy and low in cost.  Both Thai and Western foods are available in local, reasonably priced supermarkets, reducing the cost of food preparation and even making eating out affordable. Living quarters are also available at a reasonable cost if that’s what you need or you can find accommodations to match your lifestyle at just about any price.  You can live simply and modestly in a lovely, affordable home or you can live the “high life” in a luxurious apartment, condo or house if you have the resources to pay more.  Many people find that, for the same amount they paid “back home,” they can rent or own a much bigger, more expensive home, even in the “big city” of Bangkok.


       Your salary will be between 15,000 – 45,000 Thai Baht per month net, depending on your experience and qualification for the position and you will get paid monthly , as opposed to weekly or biweekly. All positions are full time and the school provides a work permit and visa.

Cost of Living

          A furnished apartment (one room) with a bathroom starts at 4,000 Baht / month

    A furnished house (for example living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms) starts at 12,000 Baht / month

    Utilities (garbage removal, security, street cleaning, etc.) cost approximately 500 Baht / month

    The location and furnishings of course play a role in the price of housing. With a view of the sea and better accommodation, or even sport facilities, the prices can easily double or even triple.

    Electricity costs start at 1,000 Baht / month.  According to how much air conditioning is used, this cost can easily be as much as 3,000 Baht / month.

    Water costs 10-15 Baht / cubic metre. A house that requires intensive watering of the garden can easily use 30 cubic meters / month. This would then be 300-450 Baht / month. An apartment on the other hand would require a much smaller amount.

    Gas tank filling 350 Baht (11,9 Baht/kg)